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We realized that the success of our clients is directly linked with the future of our company , we strive to achieve continued service excellence and so doing hope that in this little way to improve to our clients image on a national stage .With the introduction and implementation of a wide range of communication and cleaning products in the south African market space KULUMA TECHNOLOGIES is well experienced .
The proficiency of our technical employees has grown together with the company , achieved by the fact that most of our staff has been involved since the beginning .Our turnkey solutions assist our clients in cost saving , reduce downtime and grow revenue .KULUMA TECHNOLOGIES stands behind every product with unlimited technical support thereby our clients to increase revenue while adding peace of mind .
Our core networking includes                Core telecommunications includes                  cleaning services includes
        - system design                                                   - installations                                          - factory cleaning
        - integration                                                        - Telkom services                                    - mines cleaning
       - repair and maintenance                                       - repair and maintenance                         - road cleaning
       - security                                                             - system upgrades                                  - office cleaning
       - upgrades                                                           - service and support                              - domestic cleaning
       - service and support                                            - voice recordings
                                                                                                            - cost management systems
                                                                                                            - voice over ip
KULUMA TECHNOLOGIES is not product specific and will focus on the best technology that suit your business .
                                                                                             we mean business
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                                                                         info@kulumatech.co.za / sales@kulumatech.co.za